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▓What is the course "Life and Learning in University" about? Originally called the "Mentor Hours," the course Life and Learning in University gives students guidance on advanced study, career planning, and healthy interpersonal relationship. Instructors of the course also help students solve problems or respond to their opinions about the university according to their needs.

▓Must I take the course "Life and Learning in University"? "Life and Learning in University" is a non-credit required course for every semester in the four years of university. Students have to take the course for eight semesters to graduate. Therefore, it's advised that students take the course as scheduled lest they fail the course and be unable to graduate. The school system automatically selects the course for students in advance. Students should not drop the course and should make sure they do select the course via the school system.

▓ How can I receive commendations? Students serving as class leaders or participating in internal and external activities with excellent performance shall be proposed to receive commendation by their professors or administrative offices. Students will get extra points for their conduct grades after proposals are submitted and approved in accordance with the Award and Punishment Regulations for Students.

▓ How do we calculate the conduct grade? 1. Based on the Regulations Governing Conduct Grade Evaluation, the basic conduct grade is 85 points. Students will get or lose points based on routine evaluations as well as awards and punishments. (Highest conduct grade: 95 points) 2. The formula: basic points (85) ± points given by instructors ± points based on awards or punishments - points lost for absence from major school gatherings = the actual grade.

▓Will the absence from major school gatherings affect the conduct grade? According to the regulations, students who are absent from major school gatherings shall lose one point form their conduct grade.

▓Where is Lost and Found service? Please contact the Military Education Office.

▓What should I do if I lose my ID / credit / debit cards? Students may report the loss to the nearest local police station for reference lest the ID/ credit/ debit cards be used for criminal purposes or the students' personal rights be infringed on. If the cards are found to be stolen, students should report to the police and inform the issuing banks to stop any payments. If the cards cannot be founds, students shall cancel the cards they lost. Students may apply to the Office of Academic Affairs for a reissuing of student ID cards.